Goldbricking Japanese mascot…Kumamon

Kumamon, the über-popular bear mascot of Japan’s southern prefecture of Kumamoto is up to his goldbricking again, literally.

Golden statue of Kumamon
Ky0do News | May 1, 2014
A pure gold statuette of Kumamon is unveiled by Tanaka Kikinz0ku Jewelry in Tokyo’s Ginza district. The statue, with a price tag of 1OO million yen, weighs ten kilograms and stands about 18 centimeters tall.





The rest-of-the-story is that the solid gold Kumamon weighs ten kilograms but costs 1OO million yen ($975,772 USD).
However, today’s price for ten kilograms of gold is 42,336,234 yen or $413,104.94 USD.
Hmmm, that seems a bit high for a gold bricker.


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panic disordered character in the kitchen..

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5 thoughts on “Goldbricking Japanese mascot…Kumamon”

  1. R wrote:
    Yes, but there is a markup for the design…

    How many kyabakura trips does it take to copy an established design? :???:

  2. How many kyabakura trips does it take to copy an established design? :???:

    A few.
    But they need the half-a-million-dollar fee to cover the artist’s inspiration…

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