Best Korea Hipster Harajuku

The long-lost half brother of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has been discovered in Harajuku, Tokyo!

Blue-tipped hi-top fade hairstyle on the street in Harajuku! Fashion(@TokyoFashion)‘s twitter May 7, 2014
harajuku hi top fade hairsytle

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5 thoughts on “Best Korea Hipster Harajuku”

  1. If I was a mariachi, I’d be wearing a beer can hat or sport a rainbow hi-top fade.

  2. “sport a rainbow hi-top fade”

    Hmmm, quoter leftsport a rainbow hi-top fadequoter right?
    Hell yeah! Pair that cut-head with some loud trousers—no better yet, buttless cowboy chaps—and that would be the Shinkansen to Success!

  3. Best Korea flag wavingBest Korea flag wavingBest Korea flag wavingBest Korea flag waving
    Socialist-era rock band to perform in Pyongyang on Liberation Day anniversary
    NK News – North Korea News | 2015-June-12
    Laibach, a well-known rock band hailing from former Yugoslavia will become the first ever group of its kind to perform in North Korea, holding Pyongyang concerts this August to coincide with a national anniversary commemorating the end of Japanese colonial rule.
    Laibach, founded in the year that saw the death of former Yugoslavian dictator Marshal Tito, will perform two dates in North Korea during Liberation Day celebrations as part of a “cultural-exchange” initiativemore

  4. Yum, YUM!


    (Well,it does look like that.)

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