Scores of ‘lax characters’ in Osaka Japan put to death in prefectural putsch!


You know your prefecture has a real image problem when all 45 of the official mascots are so unpopular that firing them all and putting mascot “Moppie” (R) in charge

Osaka to ‘fire’ character mascots that failed to earn their keep
The Asahi Shimbun | May 08, 2014
Known as “yuru kyara,” a combination of “yurui,” meaning lax, and character, they are created by municipalities, other public bodies and citizens to promote local attractions
But so far, none of the 45 mascots introduced by 21 departments of the Osaka prefectural government has had any successOsaka Prefecture’s cultural department in charge of mascot promotionrecommended Moppie, a mascot created for the 1997 National Athletic Meet held in Osaka, as the prefecture’s core charactermore
final firing squad osaka

Moppie” in charge?
Yes, you read that right. They are killing off scores upon scores of Osaka’ old said-openlax characterssaid-closed and promoting 1,072nd-ranked ‘Mopey‘—meaning sad or glum. This was the best idea Osaka Prefecture could come up with.

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4 thoughts on “Scores of ‘lax characters’ in Osaka Japan put to death in prefectural putsch!”

  1. How about you just stop blowing money on this? Saves time and money… and make Keiko Oe of the Osaka Prefecture’s cultural department find herself a more productive role at teh office.

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