Getting tanked on the bus in Ibaraki Japan

Girls und Panzer (3Yen / 2012-10-09) is a hit anime where the focus of education of Japanese schoolgirls is the traditional martial art of Sensha-do, The Way of the Tank.

And with the success of that TV cartoon, the has been a myriad of “character goods” and tie-ins such as this bus that was spotted on the cruising the streets of Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture east of Tokyo since late last year…
white space is good for the soul…is an entire “fleet” of Girls und Panzers buses!

The fleet (only two buses so far) of Ibaraki’s public buses were wrapped in Girls und Panzer livery: Girls-und-Panzer bus collection

 Girls und Panzer ibaraki bus collection

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  1. Greyhound station.

    East Saint Louis


    One hour lay-over

    That was nice.

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