New padded Japanese bra offers a coffee bean shape?


With the upcoming World Cup 2014 being held in Brazil this June, Triumph International Japan is showing off their, new unique bra having “coffee bean shaped pads.”
Triumph Japan’s thinking must be that even with padding Japanese breasts are petite enough to be “coffee bean shaped.”

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Japan’s lingerie maker Triumph International Japan…displays the new unique ‘Brazil passion bra’…The unique bra has coffee bean shaped pads
JIJI PRESS/AFP/Getty Images | May 8, 2014

According to Japan’s (Bing Translator) the new bra is part of:white space is good for the soul
quoter leftA Samba dancer outfit with colorful designs featuring Samba drums as well as Brazil’s main agricultural product, the coffee bean, which is represented by coffee bean-shaped bra pads. And for the World Cup, the outfit’s hip pads are made to look like soccer balls.quoter right

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4 thoughts on “New padded Japanese bra offers a coffee bean shape?”

  1. …for the World Cup, the outfit’s hip pads are made to look like soccer balls…

    Only in Japan would the ladies need “hip pads,” tee, hee.
    I also like how “coffee bean shaped pads” are considered an improvement bust-wise.

  2. dimwit wrote:
    Personally, I’m waiting for the World Cup paint-on uniforms.

    Wait no longer. (^o^)


    World Cup Babes — Sexy Body Painting
    At the finale of the Face and Body Art International Convention
    In blue, Miss Team Japan , as well as others in their respective national uniforms
    More closeupsm0Ar!~

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