Japan’s yummy ‘Furball Sand’

Friend of the 3Yen, Mulboyne, just tweeted…faball sand closeup faveur sandwich pasco

The-rest-of-the-story is that these Japanese twinkies are actually named “Faveur Sand,” which is garbled Japanese for Faveur (French for ‘grace’ or ‘favor’) and Sand for sandwich.
When Pasco, the Japanese mega-bakery, went to label their Faveur Sand(wich) in Roman script, this pastry’s name was truncated to “Fa Sand.”

However, you have to say that “Fa Sand” in Roman script is better than the Japanese katakana phonetic pronunciation, “Fur-ball Sand.” fur-ball-sand

white space is good for the soul

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Pasco bakeries’ “Faball Sand” (ファボール サンド)
said-openA Long, delightful soft french bread with mild and flavory cream will change your face into a smile the moment of your first bite.said-closed

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