Japan’s new ‘ISU-1 Grand Prix’—the Office Chair Endurance Race

to watch 1:20 video on NHK News.

NHK W0RLD engrish | May 10, 2014
Twenty-seven teams took part in an office chair race in Naruto City in Tokushima Pref.The race saw three members of each [of the] teams taking turns to ride an office chair around a 150meter trackThe team that went around the course the most times in the length of two hours won the eventmore

Notice how in the news video that the local mascot, “Uzushio-kun” (Whirlpool the Kid), just has to horn-in on the endurance race action even though he is famous for going nowhere fast in tight circles.
Naruto-kun office chair race animated
うずしおくん — Uzushio-kun


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2 thoughts on “Japan’s new ‘ISU-1 Grand Prix’—the Office Chair Endurance Race”

  1. whirlpool-kun-standing
    うずしおくん — Uzushio-kun (Whirlpool the Kid) is the mascot of Naruto City in Tokushima Prefecture whose world’s longest suspension bridge (Wiki) spans huge whirlpools of the Tokushima Straight*.
    Details: Japan-guide.com

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