Japanese-Alien lovechild?

Japanese-Alien hybrid?
said-openIs such a thing EVEN possible? Yes it is.said-closed ~Giorgio A. Tsoukalos


Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, His Eminence of the History Channel series, “ANCIENT ALIENS (Wiki),” has always contended that we are all “alien hybrids”…but perhaps he was referring to his secret Japanese-Alien lovechild.

Also refer to the previous 3Yen report:
  • Japanese researchers aren’t saying it was aliens, but… (3Yen / 2014-05-11)

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

4 thoughts on “Japanese-Alien lovechild?”

  1. Dear 3Yen.com,

    I’m an English conversation teacher in Japan and I have been here for about two years. Everyone is all so nice and they all tell me that my Japanese is really good. They also say that I’m really handsome and some of my female high school students have even asked me out on dates! Of course, I have never done that and always stay in the group to be a good teacher for everyone.

    But now, I am thinking about a career change. Since everyone keeps telling me that I have such good looks and am so smart, I am wondering about making the jump to becoming a full-time model.

    One of my adult private students even invited me to become a male model in his bar! He said that all I have to do is sit there, smile, laugh and drink with a bunch of rich female customers and I’ll get paid a lot! He also said that I could have my own apartment for free!

    Also he said that if I like any of the girls I could start a relationship with them and they will give me money, Rolex watches, clothes and maybe even a car! Is this true? He gave me his card and it’s for some kind of “HOSUTO KURABU”. What the hell is that? Do you think I should quit my English teacher job and become a male model in his bar? Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks alot!

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