Japanese Moon Sweat®

Japan’s most unfortunately-named* product, Pocari Sweat™, has gone into space and now it’s going to the moon!
Named the “LUNAR DREAM CAPSULE PROJECT,” Pocari plans to place a titanium can of their SWEAT on the first private moon landing scheduled for October 2015. Watch the “Dream” video below and visit their official website for details. And remember Pocari’s LUNAR DREAM slogan:



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6 thoughts on “Japanese Moon Sweat®”

  1. * …Just ask the makers of “Sweat”, Otsuka Co., about the international costs of having a poor product name.
    Otsuka is a major company with a No.3 market share in Japan’s beverage market. However, they have a terrible times selling any their “Pocari Sweat®” on the international market outside of Asia.
    Pocari Sweat
    According to Wikipedia, Pocari Sweat®, contrary to it’s odd name does not taste like sweat and is a popular Japanese soft drink and sports drink. The silly sounding name “Pocari” comes from the Japanese word pokkari, which means “floating like a cloud”
    (3Yen / 2005-11-26):

    Honda’s “Life Dunk” and other charming Japanese car names

  2. Japanese Moon Sweat..“LUNAR DREAM CAPSULE”

    Yeah, WTF kind of a “dream” is that?

  3. “…Pocari Sweat®, contrary to it’s odd name does not taste like sweat…”

    ‘Pocari Sweat’ in not nearly as ridiculous name as Japan’s “Calpis” soda…ummm, DRINK COWPISS!


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