It came from Japan…



The new Godzilla film opens in theaters today.


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  1. U.S. Military Expert Unveils a Strategy for Deploying Godzilla in War | April 26, 2014
    “Godzilla should not be destroyed,” says scientist Kyohei Yamanhe in the classic 1954 film. “He should be studied.” And how right he was! James Butler, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College, argues that a deeper understanding of Japan’s 300-foot-tall, ill-tempered celebrity could be crucial to winning future wars.
    You’re probably a bit skeptical about Butler’s “Godzilla Methodology” (yes, that’s what he calls it). But, he wouldn’t be the first military strategist to briefly put aside his tattered copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War and instead seek inspiration from popular culture
    Butler explains that this Godzilla Methodology “can be used by commanders and their staffs during the planning process to determine which forces are necessary to achieve military objectives.” Conjure up your imaginary, 300-foot, indestructible friend, and contemplate the consequences of wiping out each part of the enemy forces, until you find the one that is central to achieving your opponent’s goal. Destroying that center of gravity might not be easy. In fact, it might be the most heavily fortified enemy unit. But, at least you know how and where to concentrate your forces, instead of dispersing them against a lesser target




    Japanese fans deem the new Godzilla too fat, in continued sizeism toward giant monsters
    AV Club | May 1, 2014
    While many assumed that the delayed reveal of Godzilla in the new, Americanized Godzilla trailers was just a clever marketing strategy, designed to keep you in suspense as to whether this Godzilla movie might have Godzilla in it, there may have been another explanation for the monster’s reticence. He’s just ashamed at how fat he’s gotten—a weight gain that was singled out, then immediately ridiculed by the Japanese as part of that culture’s long history of criticizing American waistlinesmore

  3. SDH wrote:
    …Fucken boring.

    Boring and the whole bad lighting/hidden from view/can’t see the monster shit made it even worse.

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