Contest for the cutest Japanese butts

First there was our report about the Butt biting bug (3Yen / 2007-09-21).Then we told you about the Access for Japanese with big round blue butts (3Yen / 2013-05-26), which was followed by Bluetooth butt burglars (3Yen / 2013-08-04).
And now Japan has a major competition for cutest pudding-like butts: The Puriketsu Contest

Cute animal bottoms now on display — It’s Shiba Dog Maru’s Puriketsu Contest!
Tokyo Times | 2014may20
The contest is actually of photos of cute animal backsides, or “puri-ketsu”, as they’re affectionately called in Japanese, and it seems the adorable “bum” pictures are pouring in. Yes, it’s the official puri-ketsu championshipsPuri-ketsu is a combination of the Japanese words “puri-puri”, an expression which describes something juicy and plump, and “ketsu”, which is an informal way to say buttocks.



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