‘SMART LIFE — ZERO LIFE’ … in Japan of course

Cool copywriting from ORION BEER BREWERY of Okinawa Japan featuring catchy sloganeering* such as:
Orion “ZERO LIFE” will make your life more happy and active.

smart life zero life
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How do great minds come up with these?? pic.twitter.com/JP2FDPQ5JJ
— Huge Aska Fan (@shilkytouch) May 20, 2014


*In case you were wondering, “ZERO” in Japanese-engrish means zero calories or in this case low-calorie beer.

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2 thoughts on “‘SMART LIFE — ZERO LIFE’ … in Japan of course”

  1. From the land that is constantly reinventing forever alone and WTF, somehow this new “Zero Life” campaign does not surprise me.

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