Feeling ‘coolish’?

coolish bra

I’m a cold woman.” proclaims Kojima Haruna of annoying-popular idol group AKB48 in this new commercial for the Japanese lingerie seller, PEACH JOHN.

Peach John started broadcasting this series underwear commercials on May 21st in which Ms. Kojima plays a queen who reigns over an icy world in a way reminiscent (ripoff) of Queen Ana of the animated Disney film ‘Frozen.’

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4 thoughts on “Feeling ‘coolish’?”

  1. Do Japanese companies just mash-up random English words to come up with brand names like “Coolish”?

  2. … random English words to come up with brand names…

    “Coolish” is actually better than most.

  3. Skip the coolish bra and just eat cookies!

    Want bigger breast? •Eat new Japanese breast enlargement cookies
    tribune.com.ng | 25.May.2014
    Though most beauty products from Asia are effective, others are weird and seem to be scientifically implausible. One of such product is the new Japanese breast enlargement cookie.
    Though cookies tend to go right to your hips but these cookies promises to make you burst out in your bust instead. The cookies are being advertised as a safe and natural way of enlarging the breast.
    The $24.87 F- Cup Herbal Cookies is a lot cheaper than plastic surgery with no recovery downtime if it works. However, there is no scientific evidence supporting the cookie’s claim.
    Containing an extract of PuerariaMirifica, a plant grown in northern and northeastern Thailand that contains Mirosetrol a form of estrogen, the cookies is available in two flavours – Soy Milk or Pralines and Chocolate. Each cookie contains 50mg of the hormonal extract.
    The plant PuerariaMirifica contains a molecule similar to oestrogen known as Miroestrol, which mimics the biological activities of the hormone. Since human oestrogen plays an important role in breast development and size determination, the producers are claiming that the Mirestrol in the cookies will act in the same way on the body when eaten.

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