FuckShitDamnHellScrew in Japan

One of our longtime readers, Mike Armstrong, just sent in this educational link for Japanese who need to need to improve their FuckShitDamnHellScrew et al …

Japan Learns the Correct Way To Use “F**k”
kotaku.com 2014May27
One of the things I’ve noticed about living in Japan is that the country’s non-native speakers are fμck all at using the fμcking f-word
a new English instruction book called How to Use Fμck (正しいFЦCKの使い方 or Tadashii Fμck no Tsukaikata). The book gives examples and explanations so people in Japan can improve their f-bomb abilities.


Find more examples on the blog of the illustrator, Naijel Graph.

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14 thoughts on “FuckShitDamnHellScrew in Japan”

  1. The title is fucked, as in fuck the fuckin’ fuckers fucked. As it stands, it suggests it will teach readers to use the correct Fuck, rather than how to use Fuck correctly, which could fuck things up even more.

    It should be 「Fuck」の正しい使い方.Or perhaps I am just being a niggling fuck

  2. The popularity of this best-selling book has now swollen to a GINORMOUS SIZE, WIDTH AND GIRTH! (^_^)

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