Battle of Japan: unauthorized Funassyi vs fake Funasshii

It’s the law in Japan—everything must have a cute mascot—a yuru-kyara / yuru-kyara japanese loose character mascot {lit. ‘loose character’ or ‘floppy mascot’} (3Yen / 2013-01-31).

Yesterday, Funabashi city’s unauthorized* mascot character, Funassyi (Wiki), who represents that city just next to Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture, got into a bit of trouble. A faux Funasshii (sic) showed up at a major event and started “playing” with children until the police noticed the mascot was behaving oddly and hinky with the kids.


*“Unauthorized” because when the real
Funassyi visited the Funabashi City Office to be
authorized & supported officially, the Funabashi
Municipal Government refused to approve poor
Funassyi as their official character even though
it ranks No. 1 in the mascot popularity polls.

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11 thoughts on “Battle of Japan: unauthorized Funassyi vs fake Funasshii”

  1. It does not surprise me that this fake Funassyi was busted in Kakogawa-city, the most fun-hating city of Japan.

    I used to have a windsurfing spot there, and there was a piece of land next to the road where everybody parked, since it was unused. Way and behold, they closed it off, because it was against the rules. The result was that all surfers parked on the road, which caused much more trouble. But then again, the cops came by sometimes to fine the hell out of those cars.

    Other example: not allowed to ride a horse on public streets in Kakogawa. Not that I want to…

  2. Somehow I think that this is a fake Funassyi (cosplay) too…

  3. Fabulous Funassyi freaks!

    goofy Google Translate says:
    Everyone over day today cheers for good work Exeggutor ♪ ヾ (. ° ▽ °) Bruno Hokkaido and hilarity too in the event Exeggutor ♪ was Tsu Nashi-jiru Busha from head everyone even earnestly careful Exeggutor ♪ tomorrow Everybody’s Fine in Nashi-jiru Busha.
    みんなー今日も一日お疲れ様なっしー♪ヾ(。゜▽゜)ノ北海道のイベントではしゃぎすぎて頭から梨汁ブシャったなっしー♪皆もくれぐれも気をつけてなっしー♪明日もみんな元気に梨汁ブシャー,":*— ふなっしー (@funassyi) September 29, 2014

  4. RIP OFF!


    Nebaaru-kun Natto mascot embraces weirdness to become unlikely star | February 26, 2015
    Being the unofficial patron saint of “natto” has proven to be sticky for Nebaaru-kun.
    The private-sector mascot for Ibaraki Prefecture was largely unknown until its appearance on TV last year, generating a buzz on the Internet with its eerie movements and high-pitched voice. Now, the representative of fermented soybean is on a self-appointed crusade to promote the prefecture north of Tokyo and do what it can to raise the region’s profile, using its trademark “neba!” (sticky) at the end of sentences.

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