Signage for the ‘invisible’ catching on in Japan

Is this a place for a Japanese firing squad or a parking place?

japanese firing squad

No, wait. This has gotta be one of these Japanese roadside memorial (Wiki) for somebody stabbed in the heart by a samurai in this parking lot.


Dang, wrong again.
It’s a parking place for gimpy cows!


Badges for ‘invisible disabilities’ catching on
The Japan Times | 2014 June 02
…People with invisible impediments can be those with heart, kidney and liver conditions. Like people with visible physical disabilities or visual and hearing problems, they are eligible for physical disability certificates
To enhance public awareness, Shirai’s non-profit Heart Plus organization created a “heart plus” symbol in 2003 to signify an internal ailmentmore...

Now I just have to figure out What all these mysterious Japanese car stickers are? (3Yen / 2009-03-01)
Could the “Blue Shamrock” car sticker mean that the Japanese driver is handicapped by too much Irish whiskey? ...details...
Shamrock stickershougai_2..

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4 thoughts on “Signage for the ‘invisible’ catching on in Japan”

  1. This “Heart Plus” thingy is good idea. Lots of people that deserve them don’t look like they do at first glance. I would never challenge anybody anyways. That just shows you’d like the privilege but aren’t qualified. I’m just healthy, so I don’t bedgrudge it, but I do celebrate the idea.

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