Tips to boost fading Japan

japan endless discovery slogan
Japanese loooooove slogans: The dorkier/dasai, the better.
For the past few years, the Japan Tourism Agency main slogan is Japan. Endless discovery, which is soooo easy to “improve.1

My tips to boost Japan June 6, 2014 by Tyler 💩 Brûlé
Dear Prime Minister Abe,
Greetings While waiting in the immigration queue (you should try flying in and standing in this line sometime—especially if your flight comes in one minute after a packed Korean Air jumbo where no one has filled out their immigration forms)
I’ve noticed that you’ve been on a bit of a media spending spree of latesurely you can do better than the dreadful tourism campaign you’re running? Not only does it look tired and dated (Mt Fuji, sushi and sakura), it does nothing to sell your country’s edgier, more intimate side. Then again, it’s perhaps a good thing that it’s not creating a tourism boom because your immigration system needs a complete overhaul.
We’ll leave aside the issue of residency for foreigners for now, and just deal with the cumbersome immigration and customs forms that need filling out. Why two? And why not adopt a speedier system for regular business visitors (like Hong Kong has implemented) or some kind of fast track? A 40-minute wait in a too-warm immigration hall is a poor welcomemore…

japan endless lines

sad salarymen slog
1 And, improvement is desperately needed as Japan slowly is spirally down the toilet of demographic decline* and Zimbabwe-levels of public debt, (Wiki), (

sad salaryman

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9 thoughts on “Tips to boost fading Japan”

  1. Dear Japan,

    Please just cut to the chase and legalize prostitution.


    The Rest Of The World

  2. They should also legalize Mary Jane too. Colorado and Washington state did it and now they’re looking at hundreds of millions in state tax revenues. Many other states in the US are doing it now too. With all the debt Japan has, they need to do this like yesterday. Seriously.

  3. Mike Armstrong wrote:
    [Japan] should also legalize Mary Jane too…

    Yep, but strangely hemp in Japan always has been a key part of Shinto, the “Way of the Gods”–the indigenous religion of Japan. Hemp was used to purify, to drive out evil (exorcism). Hemp seeds are used in Shinto marriage as well as for sacred ropes and clothing. Before WWII, hemp cultivation made up to 10% of Japan’s agricultural output.
    Read more at:…

    shinto hemp rope
    Hempen rope, fibre and paper in oldest shrine in Saitama

  4. Gambling. Build large casinos in every major hotel in Tokyo, Osaka and other cities. Build more around the major airports and wala! Then you got girls, MJ, and rivers of flowing cash and jobs all over the country. This should be a no brainer.

  5. Build large casinos in every major hotel in Tokyo, Osaka and other large cities. Build more near all the international airports and wala! Almost overnight there will be rivers of flowing cash and jobs all over the country. This is a no brainer.

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