‘I’ll never go into a favela again…’


Japanese falling victim to crime at Brazil World Cup
The Japan Times | June 17, 2014
Takeshi Itai, a Japanese tourist attending the World Cup in Brazil, was visiting a slum, or favela
“I’ll never go into a favela again. I never imagined I would have guns pulled on me”...more…

World Cup: Japanese Tourists Robbed and Mugged in 8 Cases So Far
Wall Street Journal blog | June 17, 2014

This happens not just that Japan is just relatively crime-free place* and therefore lack (and do not need) “street smarts.” Urban Japanese have zero awareness of their environment and will blindly walk into an open manhole unless there is a “guardman” waving them off.

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5 thoughts on “‘I’ll never go into a favela again…’”

  1. I’ll never go into a favela again. I never imagined I would have guns pulled on me.

    What was he thinking in going to a favela in the first place? J-guidebooks are usually very detailed. Don’t they mention the risks of entering a favela on your own?

    When I was in Brazil, I learned that Brazilians left their valuables at home when they went out, no watches, jewelry, cameras, etc., as it’s an invitation to all too common robbery.

    An American colleague and I were walking along the beach in Rio. We were stopped and frisked by the police.
    The colleague had a Swiss Army knife on him. A cop confiscated it, claiming that the blade was too long.
    Turns out it was pure BS, the blade was well under the legal length, the cop just wanted the knife.
    So the colleague ended up being robbed by a Rio cop.

  2. They also offer guided tours of favelas which are supposedly safer than wandering in on your won.

    When I was in Rio I kept my watch in my pocket and wore flip flops, a t-shirt, and shorts the whole time. Everyone thought I was a Brazilian gringo and left me alone. When they tried to speak to me in Portuguese and I didn’t understand they were always surprised. I’m only 5’8″ and have brown hair though so that probably helped me blend in. A friend of mine who is 6’2″ and towheaded got harassed constantly and robbed a few times while he was there. On the plus side standing out got him a lot more pussy.

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