Bumper crop for Japan!

Translated from Japanese by Bing*
said-openIt’s harvest time of Niigata’s tetrapods in the north of Japan. According to tetrapod farmers they are little less sweet this year—High temperatures made many worried about crop, but you can enjoy as usual the taste of them.said-closed



Previous reports of Japan’s tetrapod boondoggle on the 3Yen include:

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15 thoughts on “Bumper crop for Japan!”

  1. Taro previously wrote:
    Oh, that’s because one of the Four Affirmations of Shinto is, “Respect of nature.”:rofl:

    B wrote:
    So that’s why some torii are made from concrete? :)

    Don’t get me started….the concrete torii we’re sandwiched in between took like 6 months to be encased in plastic (blocking traffic and causin countless near death experiences) only to fucking be painted the same shitty orange-red they already were. WTF?!!!

    Oh…and I wonder if that’re really Niigata? The mentality on the coastline there is more “plant a million fucking pine trees!” than tetrapods. (Which is actually kind of cool)

  2. A torii fall, that indicate which level on the shindo scale ?
    I can never remember the order or the junk used for the metering/reading… Wasn’t it like:
       • Flower pots topple
       • Garden Stone lamps collapse
       • Torii fall
       • Earth torn apart…

  3. Ahh, the subtle Japanese beauty of concrete torii…

    That would be the 錆 part of わびさび (Wabi-sabi)

  4. That would be the 錆 part of わびさび (Wabi-sabi)

    the Japanese kanji characters 錆 (sabi, meaning “rust”) and 寂 (sabi, as in “flawed beauty”) are different, as are their applied meanings, the original spoken word (pre-kanji, yamato-kotoba) is believed to be one and the same

  5. Concrete, because grass and trees don’t deserve to live.

    What’s the obsession with obliterating nature about anyway?

  6. B wrote:
    Concrete, because grass and trees don’t deserve to live.

    What’s the obsession with obliterating nature about anyway?

    For the Japanese…public works are just another chance to impose their exquisite sense of visual order on nature.
    ~ art critic Margaret Loke

  7. 118

    Kawaii concrete? Japanese retailer selling cuddly tetrapods for a limited time only
    RocketNews24 | 2014/10/24
    Netizens tried really hard to love them

    Upon learning about this product, Twitter users expressed their willingness to embrace this bizarre toy:

    “If you look at them long enough you’ll find them cute.”

    “I want the Tetogurumi Giga so I can lie on it.”

    “This is a must-buy!”

    “I want to hug this Tetrapod soft toy.”

    “Tetogurumi is cute~”

    “This is nice and surrealistic…”

    “Some day, I will hug a Tetogurumi and fall asleep ...more

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