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Square Watermelons ‘All the Rage’ in Japan (not)

Although not a hoax, square watermelons are not exactly new or ‘All the Rage’ in Japan as the KEYC News report below claims.
These melons have been around—or squared off so to speak—for the past 30 years as an odd speciality gift for Japan’s traditional season of bribery called Ochugen/ochugen bribe season japanese kanji (3Yen / 2005-07-18).
square melons


Square Watermelons all the Rage in Japan
KEYC Mankato News, Weather, Sports / June 27, 2014
they have received 114 orders from Canada so far. An official of JA Kagawa said he wants to increase the amount of production capacity and expand the supply for overseas.

fuku-chan melons

said-openHow do ya like dem melons?said-closed (3Yen / 2009-06-14) and other ancient stories of square watermelons of Japan on the 3Yen include:


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2 Responses to “Square Watermelons ‘All the Rage’ in Japan (not)”

  1. Galaxxxy (Bing Translate) Says:

    Mo’ betta melon…

    Galaxxxy via wacky Bing Translate…
    Found a juicy watermelon!
    … And thinking big, and one piece of watermelon motif was!
    10 g watermelon smashing impact & CUTE…
    Along with this poncho you could wear a miniskirt or short‑shorts, so please do. (>^_^)>
    9,500 yen ($93 USD)

    Galaxxxy via Bing Translate…

  2. Dave Says:

    Here are some photos of Japanese watermelons of other shapes. Notice the gargantuan peaches at the low price of about $300.00! That’s about the same price of some peaches I picked up in Roppongi the other night! イヒヒヒ(*´∀`)

    Enlarge photo.

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