Japan: 1st become poop-head. 2nd, get flushed.

Learning early about corporate Japan:
   • First, you must become a poop-head.
   • Second, you get flushed.


The above photos are from The Asahi News (in Japanese, Bing Translator) showing the current “Poo Wizards” exhibition at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo’s Odaiba district. This toilet and poo-themed event is just in time for summer vacation from school. Also on display in various exhibits about the environment, sewage treatment, and of course, said-openeveryday life through the toilet.said-closed

For more info about the “Poo Wizards” exhibition, refer to the official website of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan).

A few of the previous poop posts include:

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12 thoughts on “Japan: 1st become poop-head. 2nd, get flushed.”

  1. And here’s the museum’s android telling us all about the poop exhibit. {Turn on the English captions of the Youtube video for added fun.}

  2. Through this are they now teaching Japanese kids what to expect in their future? Grow up, become poop heads, get replaced by androids and then flushed down the toilet?!?!

  3. Have your heard about Obama’s gay alien lover who is keeping incredible weight-loss secrets from us?

  4. Can imagine the whole “Doohats” lineup featuring “Doowhiz,” “Doo Zero,” “Otona no Doo” and “Asshats”

  5. Special Exhibition:
    Toilet!? — Human Waste & Earth’s Future
     The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
    This exhibition focuses on the “toilet”, a topic not usually talked about openly. Studying from such topics as like the problem of feces and the environment, this exhibition will try to discover what the environment-friendly toilet is and what the ideal toilet is. Toilets in Japan are clever and sophisticated, with a lid that automatically opens and shuts, and with a self-cleaning function. Thanks to them, we can lead a comfortable and clean life.
    There are, however, challenges surrounding the toilet in Japan: some children have trouble using the school toilets because of embarrassment or some other reasons; and the problem of excretion poses a great burden to caretakers. Turning our attention to the world, we see the fact that about 2.5 billion people in the world are unable to use toilets and many children lose their lives due to lack of sanitation. A pleasant egestion experience involves human dignity and a person’s ideal toilet differs according to age, culture, and their living environment.
    In terms of the global environment, sewage disposal is another major problem. Sewage that includes excrement cannot be discharged into the sea, it should be cleansed, but it includes phosphorus – a precious resource. In Japan, phosphorus is removed from sewage to reduce its effect on the ecosystem; Japanese sewage is almost completely cleaned, but at an energy cost. If we could devise a system that can remove and utilize resources from excrement, we could reduce the effect on the environment and obtain those precious resources.
    As you have seen, the toilet is related to our lives on every scale from our daily life to global challenges. Now that the world population in 2050 is estimated to exceed 10 billion, we need to talk about the “ideal toilet” openly and honestly. At the venue, you can experience the toilet as never before. You will develop a completely new appreciation for the unsung toilet. During the exhibition, workshops for parents and children and talk events will be held.

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