Japan: 1st become poop-head. 2nd, get flushed.

Learning early about corporate Japan:
   • First, you must become a poop-head.
   • Second, you get flushed.


The above photos are from The Asahi News (in Japanese, Bing Translator) showing the current “Poo Wizards” exhibition at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo’s Odaiba district. This toilet and poo-themed event is just in time for summer vacation from school. Also on display in various exhibits about the environment, sewage treatment, and of course, said-openeveryday life through the toilet.said-closed

For more info about the “Poo Wizards” exhibition, refer to the official website of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (in Japanese, Bing Translator).

A few of the previous poop posts include:

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11 thoughts on “Japan: 1st become poop-head. 2nd, get flushed.”

  1. And here’s the museum’s android telling us all about the poop exhibit. {Turn on the English captions of the Youtube video for added fun.}

  2. Through this are they now teaching Japanese kids what to expect in their future? Grow up, become poop heads, get replaced by androids and then flushed down the toilet?!?!

  3. Have your heard about Obama’s gay alien lover who is keeping incredible weight-loss secrets from us?

  4. Can imagine the whole “Doohats” lineup featuring “Doowhiz,” “Doo Zero,” “Otona no Doo” and “Asshats”

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