Getting around the Anti-Dancing Law in Japan

One of the more bizarre aspects of Japanese life is that “Dancing” is banned in the clubs (in a random phase-of-the-moon way).
Like a plot ripped off from an old Kevin Bacon movie, the ever-vigilant Tokyo police have been cracking down* on evil dancing in Tokyo clubs for the past couple of years (3Yen / 2013-07-23).

The Solution?

Kneading Udon to Get Around the Anti-Dancing Law in Japan | 07.11.14
As many Japanese people protest against the restrictions on dancing, the guys at art space Asakusabashi Tensai Sansu Jyuku found a fun way to make fun of the regulations. Techno Udon is an event like any other clubbing event, except you dance on plastic bags filled with udon dough, so you’re not dancing, you’re actually kneading dough! After you finish kneading, the Techno Udon staff with cut and boil your udon for you to satisfy your hunger after a night of dancing kneading. How cool is that?

*Actually, the Japanese police are persecuting clubs that are foreign owned (often 3rd generation Japanese-Koreans) as well as clubs that have failed to pay the required “fees” (protection money) to the Japanese police. Check out the following ABC News video.

Click to play.

This protection money paid to police is a traditional and
standard form of Japanese graft. Almost every Tokyo
club is REQUIRED to hire a retired police detective as
a “security consultant” for huge amounts of money.
For example, the bribe price quoted for the small-ish
Eggman “live house” was 10 million yen per year,
which comes to about $100,000 USD!

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3 thoughts on “Getting around the Anti-Dancing Law in Japan”

  1. Kneading Udon to Get Around the Anti-Dancing Law in Japan

    The shit j’s have to go through just to dance at a club…

  2. $100,000 per year for a “security consultant” fee is actually pretty reasonable. It has been said that such fees in the heart of beautiful downtown Roppongi previously ranged from $300,000 to $500,000. But I am not sure what they are now. Someone once told me that the famous Velfarre disco fees were over one million dollars per year. It was the same for Juliana’s too back in the day of the Bubble.

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