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Japan prepares with the ‘Gundam gRobal challenge’


For the past few days, the newswires have been in a tither about Japan’s “REAL G Next Project“—Japan’s plans build a real moving GUNDAN by the year 2019.
The moving GUNDAM will be ready just in time to protect against the foreign hoards coming for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

left_long quotebar 24x260pxGUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE
Press Release of July 8, 2014
Take up the challenge of the ultimate dream and make the full-scale GUNDAM move
moving gundam by 2019 description

You can just just bet that China and Best Korea are shaking in their boots about this “real” GUNDAM, ha, ha.

Some of the many previous GUNDAM reports here on the 3Yen include:


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6 Responses to “Japan prepares with the ‘Gundam gRobal challenge’”

  1. MARKed TRAIL Says:

    Hmmm, in this video it looks like the current Odaiba GUNDAN already can ‘move,’ and it is shaking his head, “No.” about an upgrade.

  2. choko Says:

    How about “challenging” the dream of useful robots all over Japan? Instead we have VR wanking machines, million dollar robots that can hardly do more than kancho, and still the rest of the world buying into the Japanese have all these crazy robots mentality…

  3. Franku Says:

    Prior to coming to Japan, it is a good idea for foreigners to study Japanese. Here is a very educational Japanese language video entitled 420 BLAZE IT IN JAPANESE (JAPANESE 101):

  4. Mr. T Says:

    choko wrote:
    How about “challenging” the dream of useful robots all over Japan?

    Amen! See my previous posts:
       •Useless Japanese robots fail to help in the nuke plant meltdown (3Yen / 2011-04-05)
       •Finally, Japan invents a *useful* robot, Part 2 (3Yen / 2013-07-09)
    japanese wanking-bots animated
       • Japan’s useless anthropomorphic robots
    3Yen / 2010-10-15
       • 3Yen quoted by BBC & The Independent
    3Yen / 2010-07-17
       • Wanking automation
    3Yen / 2007-08-01 | See right. ↗

  5. Coligny Says:

    It’s not 1982 anymore… You can build this kind of stuff with otc parts in few weeks.

    Hydraulics: made in china
    Sensors: the phidget lineup
    Guidance: ardupilot

    It should be nothing more than a high-school team graduation project…

  6. Giant robot "furing" Says:

    Japanese keeps trying but the giant robots still don’t move, meh.

    Giant robot ‘AV-98 Ingram’ stands furing [?] the Tokyo International Film Festival at an event of Mamoru Oshii’s new movie ‘Next Generation Patlavor’ in Tokyo on October 24, 2014.

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