Mt Fuji is ready to spew!


The Huffington Post | 07/17/2014

Mount Fuji is primed to spew.

mount fuji spew text
“Our work does not say that the volcano will start erupting, but it does show that it’s in a critical state,” lead author Florent Brenguier, a researcher at the Institute of Earth Sciences in Francemore...

The last time Mt. Fuji blew was the Hōei eruption was in 1707 and comparatively not many people lived nearby and no deaths (Wiki). Today, a larger eruption would affect a 80km radius—Several million people could be hit because the base of Mt. Fuji is now an urban area of the city of Gotemeba. One estimate predicts that a major eruption would cause 750,000 refugees (Japan Today / 2014Feb09).

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2 thoughts on “Mt Fuji is ready to spew!”

  1. This could be a good thing to happen. I mean, think of it this way: The quake plates beneath Japan will have to take an extended nap after Mt. Fuji blows its jewels. Makes perfect sense.

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