Happy Marine Day, Japan

We are having a happy Marine Day (marine day japanUmi no hi) holiday in Japan today. So…

Ishihara Nanami  Lucky Dragon 5
Lucky Dragon No. 5 by Ishihara Nanami

“Lucky Dragon No. 5″ refers to the unlucky Japanese fishing boat, with a crew of 23 men, which was exposed to nuclear fallout from the thermonuclear device test on Bikini Atoll, on March 1, 1954: wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucky_Dragon_No._5 The incident was referred to in the opening scene of the first Godzilla movie: badassdigest.com/2013/07/28/lucky-dragon-5.
Opening scene, Godzilla (1959)

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  1. In Japan, mudskippers are threatened by habitat destruction and eco-terrorists (aka Japanese fishermen). They catch ‘em with bamboo pots buried in the mud to simulate their burrows to confuse and trap endangered ‘mutsugoro’ (mudskippers). Also fishermen slide out onto the mudflats on mudboards to snag mutsugoro with treble hooks on lines cast from long bamboo poles as shown in the videos below.

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