Japanese baseball “sekuhara,” again

Brisky-getting-frisky-again Nippon-Ham-Fighters japan baseball
Our report on the mascot Brisky getting frisky at a Nippon Ham Fighters baseball game (3Yen / 2005-08-20) has been an all-time favorite with readers. That is to say, sekuhara/sekuhara—the Japanese-engrish abbreviation for sexual harassment—is the national pastime in Japan like baseball.

Just recently I noticed that Brisky-kun has some real competition in the pervy department.
Move over for the hot babe “Buffalo Bell“— The new bovine kigurimi mascot of the Orix Buffaloes baseball team has proven such a sensation that she has attracted her own up-skirt problems
sankakucomplex.com (ÑṠFW):
Buffalo Bell – And You Thought Dollers & Furries Weren’t Hot!

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  1. Why did I just fap to this?

    Because you’re into hot bloomers?

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