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Forever Alone Club, Japan

quoter leftI am a lover without a lover. I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself.quoter right Warsan Shire

Ah Japan, you never disappoint.

forever-alone-club japan

According to RocketNews24’s report, Man questioned by police after building “girl” out of plastic bottles, taking her out on a date, the “inventor” Showta Mori solved all his forever-alone problems by creating Lisako, his ‘PET bottle lover,’ who he takes on a fun series
of romantic dating: quoter leftadventures that would have David Lynch scratching his head and saying, ‘Now, that’s just weird.’quoter right

Enjoy the real Japan.

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5 Responses to “Forever Alone Club, Japan”

  1. Dave reporting Says:

    Check out this kissy-kissy, robo-sex babe!!
    Japanese forever alone kissing poster
    Japan’s forever-alone Kissing Poster

  2. derpus maximus reporting Says:

    Rubbish loves rubbish: It’s a match made in Heaven!
    freak-week +
    photo credit

  3. Forever Along Guy (F.A.G.) Says:

    I see nothing at all wrong with this. Nothing at all.

  4. Morishowta Dai Fan Says:

    You’ve heard of the King of Rock & Roll, the King of the Road, the King of the Hill etc. Well, I am very pleased to bring you the World’s Heavyweight Champion of WTF and the reigning King of Forever Alone, ladies and gentlemen please rise and give a standing ovation for the one and only His High Excellency Morishowta.

  5. fotografante Says:

    @fotografante’s lens documents Japan’s urban loneliness.
    via — i-D (@i_D) November 20, 2014

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