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Satanic, turncoat Doraemon

Doraemon volume 1 cover

Doraemon (L) has been Japan’s most beloved character since 1969 (3Yen / 2014-02-14). However, Doraemon has gone turncoat and has announced he will be working for Disney Corporation (, meh.

Unexpectedly satanic Doraemon

at Roppongi Hills

satanic-Doraemon-Roppongi-Hills — Dusan Farrington(@quillspatter) July 19, 2014

In case you were wondering what the joke is all about…
The satanic passport is a parody of the Japanese passport (right), and Roppongi Hills has Japan’s highest concentration of foreign firms and whinging* foreign employees.

*For most part, they’re rightfully whinging
employees since Japan has an unenviable
working (& living) situation compared to
the upper-middle class environment that
the foreigners came from (or aspire to).


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5 Responses to “Satanic, turncoat Doraemon”

  1. Mr. T Says:

    If you want to read the real Doraemon stories in English, check out one of the many Doraemon books such this live animal in Doraemon’s pants, hee, hee.

    cute something cuming-out of doraemon's pants..

    Available at Doraemon Bilingual Picture Book 1: The Live Animal Book (Japanese Edition)

  2. Coligny responding Says:

    Likely emblem for a satanist passport:


    belzeebub, the whole flesh over spirit pentagram


    Sign of the satanist church, Cross of Lorraine over the infinity

    Unlikely emblems:


    Clowns and anything related to the ICP (Insane Clown Posse)

  3. nippon_en Says:



  4. Taro Says:

    Unexpectedly satanic Doraemon…

    A Warning in China: Beware the ‘Blue Fatty’ Cat | 2014/09/29
    Nothing seems more harmless than the plump-faced Japanese cartoon robot cat, Doraemon, who does not even have claws. He is the key character of a manga series of the same name first published in 1969, which was subsequently adapted into a long-running anime series. But Chinese newspapers cautioned their countrymen: Beware of this “blue fatty” — the Japanese are exporting their values through him.
    Last Friday, three major newspapers in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, fired a salvo of accusations against Doraemon for its “political overtones” and being a tool of Japan’s “cultural invasion.”

  5. juke69rock Says:

    More evil…


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