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Oh the Horror! The ‘Cool Japan’ Expo in Paris is full of K-pop!

The quickest way to insult a Japanese is to say they’re Korean and vice versa. The two groups despise each other. So, you can imagine how horrified the the Japanese reporter in this news segment was to find K-pop being promoted at the Japanese government sponsored “Cool Japan” Expo in Paris.
Of course, how could the French know the difference between K-poop and J-poop?

left_long quotebar 24x260pxThe Japan Expoo has Korea content | 07 / 24 / 2014 (in Japanese)
Japan Expo was held in France Paris at the beginning of July. The Japan Expo of Japanese culture of Europe’s largest but at some of the venues there was a surprising sight—Some booths at the Japan Expo Hall had "K-pop" products on display more…

K-pop at Japan-Expo Paris


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5 Responses to “Oh the Horror! The ‘Cool Japan’ Expo in Paris is full of K-pop!”

  1. MARKed TRAIL reporting Says:


    Click for video.

  2. @kusaimamekirai Says:

    A Hangul bracelet?!? The hooooorror! Nice touch getting some foreigners to say Korea doesn't belong there too.

  3. Mike Armstrong Says:

    China, Japan, Korea: What’s the difference?

    They all look the same!

  4. Coligny Says:

    Taro 3Yen wrote:
    Even though it was a Japanese government sponsored “Cool Japan” event, how could Frenchies know the difference between K-poop and J-poop?

    They would need a Japorn Expo to understand the subtle cultural differences…

  5. IPU Says:

    So is it officially JK Poop?

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