‘Sekuhara’ (sexual harassment) gets big in Japan

The new Goji-chan (aka Godzilla | 3Yen / 2014-02-25) is having his way with poor Nana-chan* the emblematic mannequin of Nagoya Station.


Other 3Yen reports of sekuhara/sexual harassment and abuse of mannequins in Japan include:

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6 thoughts on “‘Sekuhara’ (sexual harassment) gets big in Japan”

  1. To me, this looks like a very educational gigantic display of “How To Fap” イヒヒヒ(*´∀`)

  2. More sexual harassment for poor Nana-chan (cross-dressing as Naruto Uzumak)…Nana-chan

    The giant statue typically changes outfits to mark different occasions and is currently being dressed as Naruto. But recently when Nana-chan was standing tall in her Naruto outfit, someone came by and fully pulled down the mannequin's pants
    dramafever.com | 2014nov21: Japan’s most famous mannequin gets depantsed

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