Every Japanese’s dream: Sleep, glorious SLEEP!

When you talking with a Japanese person for the first time, the standard conversational gambit is for you to be asked, “What is your hobby?” (Shumi wa nan desu ka? shumi wa nan desu ka?)
A good, standard conversational answer that many Japanese salarymen say is, “Sleep.”

How Long Is The Average Night’s Sleep Around The World?
via infogr.am

China had the most–more than nine hours of sleep.
Japan had the least–less than seven hours and 15 minutes of sleep.
I get at least 12 hours of cumulative naps every 24. zzzzzz….

A few of the many reports on the 3Yen about Japanese sleep deprivation include:

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10 thoughts on “Every Japanese’s dream: Sleep, glorious SLEEP!”

  1. Not everyone appreciates how bad sleep deprivation can get…


  2. Here’s another comatose train commuter in Japan needing more than just a good nap.


  3. Yep, I’ve seen that too.

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