‘POO Nuggets’ … I’m lovin’ it Japan.

Poor McD’s Japan just can’t get break. China poisons their the exported meat (CNN 2014/07/30) and now the replacement, Tofu fauxChicken Nuggets, is suffering editorializing by Bing Translate
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Tofu POO nuggets期間限定
Tofu POO nuggets made tofu, Edamame, carrots, onions to make a Japan dish from minced white fish, such as the ‘POO’ is introduced. In vivid color, flavor of the material fresh and tender taste. Ginger Sauce and dip, outside Cali., enjoy fluffy texture inside.

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4 thoughts on “‘POO Nuggets’ … I’m lovin’ it Japan.”

  1. Shit nuggets would still taste better than my mom’s food… Not that she was often sober enough to cook anyway…

  2. ‘POO Nuggets’ … I’m lovin’ it Japan.

    I hear these are quite popular with the German tourists…

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