Big underbelly exposed by Steven Seagal


The underbelly of poker is exposed by Japan’s homeboy*, Steven Seagal, in his new film Gutshot Straight…

Steven Seagal Stars In New Poker Movie ‘Gutshot Straight’ | 2014Aug06
Gutshot Straight has a North American release date set for Sept. 1, 2014
Gutshot Straight follows 2013’s Runner, Runner, which featured Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake and was about the underbelly of the online poker world...more...

In case you wonder how great this new Seagal film is going to be, check out Gutshot Straight’s trailer.

Previous 3Yen reports of His Immense Eminence, the Potentate of the Poonani, Master Seagal include:

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2 thoughts on “Big underbelly exposed by Steven Seagal”

  1. The early rough cut of the trailer for Gunshot Straight looks closer to the movie’s “promise”…

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