A real winner for Japan’s High School Manga Championship

priority seating tokyo metro trainOmiya-Minami High School of Saitama Prefecture won the 23rd High School Manga Championship of Japan with a reinterpreted cartoon of the priority seating sign (R) found on Japanese trains.

According to Ky0d0 News (2014-Aug-08) this winning manga depicts:
said-openchildren sitting on priority seats on trains and striking poses similar to the signs above them for those eligible for the seats.”

【速報】第23回まんが甲子園 決勝結果! ペン児のみんな感動をありがとう! — まんが王国・土佐 (@mangaoukokutosa) Aug 3, 2014


A few of the many previous reports on the 3Yen of priority seating and train manners* in Japan include:

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2 thoughts on “A real winner for Japan’s High School Manga Championship”

  1. As though white kids on the train sitting on the priority seats is a problem—it’s not—I like the way the fat white kid has blond hair but slanted eyes.

  2. She-e-e-it come to think of it, the winning manga poster makes it look like all the gaki/ガキ/delinquent kids are hafu/ハーフ /half. Two kids have medium brown hair, one is blond, and one has blue eyes (or cataracts).

    Just for the record, visibly hafu kids are the only ones who might offer me a seat on the train when I stand by the priority seats on crutches.

    Japanese young and old wisely pretend to sleep* here in Tokyo.

    *3Yen / 2010-07-09: I have super-secret powers in Japan

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