Instant death noodles of Japan

Japan’s own invention (Wiki) Instant death in a cup— is finally attracting attention the love it deserves for its extruded soft wheat flour with no vitamins or other nutritional value, laden with MSG, deep fried in saturated-fat palm oil to maintain its spirochete shape and served in a broth choked with salt, lard and preservatives—OISHI(YUM)!

UFO ramen

Instant noodles: Heart disease in a cup? 2014/08/21
The study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, found that eating instant noodles two or more times a week was associated with cardiometabolic syndrome, a disorder that can raise the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Mary Gocke, director of nutrition at the Blum Center for Health in Rye Brook.
The preservatives in most containers of instant noodles — combined with their packaging, usually in styrofoam cups — creates a “perfect storm” that can have a serious impact on the body, says Gocke, a registered dietitian. “Besides being carcinogens, they’re neurotoxic, and on top of that they’re endocrine disruptors” ...more...

Other 3Yen reports of deadly Japanese ramen include:

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12 thoughts on “Instant death noodles of Japan”

  1. Taro, I’m afraid you’ve got this one wrong.
    Death by instant ramen is more likely to be slow and wretched.
    And that’s after you get past the taste.

  2. You mean chemical laden starch with a 500-year shelf life isn’t good for you? I’m shocked.

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