What Tokyo needs is MORE CONCRETE!

Tokyo looks to start a chain reaction of MORE CONCRETE!

Tokyo looks to start chain reaction of urban renewal
Nikkei | 2014 Oct. 03
The Japanese government will throw funding and tax relief behind a new approach to thinning out overcrowded residential areasmore

The idea is that the Tokyo government will use idle municipal land to build fero-concrete apartment blocks to serve as new homes for people living in areas designated for redevelopment. Then the evil old homes will erased for new blocks of concrete cages for people.

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3 thoughts on “What Tokyo needs is MORE CONCRETE!”

  1. Yeah, because slum clearance measures never ever meet with resistance from residents who do not want to move to the new location which was idle because it was inconvenient to transport, shops and employment.

  2. Aren’t there already too many abandoned homes all over Tokyo? Here’s what I have heard. The banks can’t (or won’t) find the owners but someone keeps paying property taxes (or not) so the government can’t (or won’t) do anything. So the number of abandoned homes increase. I read somewhere that there are now more abandoned homes than homeless people in Tokyo? Is that really true?

    *Note: This is also a big problem in the US too.

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