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As I have written before*, according to Japanese law everything must have a cute mascot—a yuru-kyara / yuru-kyara japanese loose character mascot—literally a ‘loose character’ or ‘floppy mascot’. And, the No. 1 in the mascot popularity polls in Japan is “Funassyi,” the official unofficial character Funabashi City, which is next to Tokyo. (wikipedia.org).

So, imagine my surprise to see that Funassyi suddenly has a brother “Funagoro” who at his first press conference today pissed* all over the reporters(Click to watch the video of the “pisser presser”)

The puerile pissing* action starts at the 6min 20sec point of the video.

*Ok, ok, Funagoro didn’t really piss on the press. He and Funassyi are supposed to be pears and pears can get infested with worms. Funagoro has a green caterpillar up his butt that shoots silk with he gets excited.


Previous puerile reports of Funassyi on the 3Yen include:

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  1. RIP OFF!


    Nebaaru-kun Natto mascot embraces weirdness to become unlikely star
    asahi.com | February 26, 2015
    Being the unofficial patron saint of “natto” has proven to be sticky for Nebaaru-kun.
    The private-sector mascot for Ibaraki Prefecture was largely unknown until its appearance on TV last year, generating a buzz on the Internet with its eerie movements and high-pitched voice. Now, the representative of fermented soybean is on a self-appointed crusade to promote the prefecture north of Tokyo and do what it can to raise the region’s profile, using its trademark “neba!” (sticky) at the end of sentences.

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