Japan’s newest hi-tech: ‘W-FAP’ for waxing your banana

Once again Japan proves its superior robot technology!…

Waxing your banana is now easy with Japan’s latest W-FAP that power syncs with your favorite wankadelic videos and kinkyazoid games!

And be sure not to miss the previous 3Yen reports on robohand jobs that include:
. . ‘Talk to the hand’ (3Yen / 2012-04-14)
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. . Fist of Japan (3Yen.com / 2009-06-30)
And your all-time favorite…
. . Wanker Expo (3Yen.com /2007-08-01 )
. . . . . . ..WANKERING MACHINES IN ACTION at the Adult Treasure Expo AET 2007..

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5 thoughts on “Japan’s newest hi-tech: ‘W-FAP’ for waxing your banana”

  1. Gonna make my daily viewing of the hunt for red october much moar intredasting…

  2. Traditionnally, the Russian lose subs when they want to bootstrap military spendings too… (remembur the Koursk…)

    The amerkunz fly planes full of arabs into skyscrapperz… (Nevar Furget)

    To each his own I guess…

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