Train manners: Tokyo vs Paris


Campaign against male violence in the Paris Metro
Le Mode 2014/10/31– Google Translate

“The testicles are not crystal, they do not explode. The closure of the thighs is preferable.”
Notice to men who lounge about, legs apart, on the seats of the Paris Metro..The collective, Dare feminism, is launching a Takebackthemetro campaign and a petition on Oct. 31st.
“The subway’s atmosphere is hostile to women. According to a survey we conducted, three quarters of women are forced to develop coping strategies, adapt their own behavior, and carefully choose where they sit,” says Anne-C├ęcile Mailfert, on behalf of the association.

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I'm a pale, alien, quadruped who has worked for 25+ years at "Maybe-the-Largest Inc." in Tokyo.

8 thoughts on “Train manners: Tokyo vs Paris”

  1. I am a huge fan, Taro, but I think I have missed the point on this one. What I get from this is that the Japanese campaign uses a slightly paternalist polite tone to encourage better public behaviour from the relatively rare bad apples and the French campaign is sarcastically phrased, condescending female chauvinist hyperbolic slander composed in a dead language by a bunch of whiney surrender monkeys too filthy to trim their excess fur.

    Do I get an onigiri fridge magnet?

  2. kurogane wrote:
    …the French campaign is sarcastically phrased, condescending female chauvinist hyperbolic slander…
    Do I get an onigiri fridge magnet?

    Here ya go—an onigiri magnet for Kurisumasu/Xmas!
    I was aware that the French campaign was “sarcastically phrased, condescending female chauvinist hyperbolic slander” but EVERYTHING that a Japanese or French feminist says can be ignored, MUAHAHAHAHA.

  3. Cawaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :lol:

    BTW, I was referring to female chauvinists, whom I despise, not feminists, whom I quite like and consider myself one thereof.

    I would love to hear all about the violent aspects of bad posture in public, even just to giggle at the tortured logic but I would probably have to read the article, non?

  4. This is all so very educational. Last week I memorized katagana and hiragana, so now I really feel that I am ready for the exciting train life of Japan! Thank you very much.

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