Japan is already ‘embarrassed’ by its 2020 Olympic performance

giant twat of tokyo 2020 olymipics

Zaha Hadid says Tokyo stadium criticism is "embarrassing" for Japanese architects
dezeen.com | 8 December 2014
London-based architect Hadid was selected to design the 80,000-seat Japan National Stadium in 2012, following a restricted-entry international competition judged by a panel that included Japanese architect Tadao Ando.


Previous reports about Japan’s boondoggle Olympics on the 3Yen include:

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7 thoughts on “Japan is already ‘embarrassed’ by its 2020 Olympic performance”

  1. Wow. Her design (or redesign???) is almost as ugly as she is. It looks like a child’s rendition of the landing craft destroyer saucers from Independence Day. The ones that Randy Quaid figured out how to destroy before turning into a drunken paranoid lunatic.

    Why on earth did they allow foreign proposals anyways? Is that some sort of rider on the award of the games?

    I just Image Googled it. I think I’m onto her scheme. It’s an overblown bicycle helmet; one of those gayish ones with the peaks and swoops that mountain bikers tend to wear. Yet another step fom the Replicant Nanny State as it promotes its insidious agenda of comfortable numbness.

  2. Just googling the other submission and scrolling through them, most are pretty terrible. Hadid’s design was definitely the best of the ones I saw.
    “They don’t want a foreigner to build in Tokyo for a national stadium,” said Hadid, who also designed the Aquatics Centre for the 2012 games in London. “On the other hand, they all have work abroad. Whether it’s Sejima, Toyo Ito, or Maki or Isozaki or Kengo Kuma.”

  3. Abroad, sure, but on the national hallmark stadium!!?????? Why on earth would anybody anywhere hire a fucking foreigner for a national monument type piece?

    Sounds to me like she’s trying to cover her (fat?) ass for designing a POS nobody likes.

  4. it seems like what she said tickles your gaijins’ persecution complexs toward J-society.
    but its just because her design is a bit too big and not harmonized with the surrounding scenery, not because shes non japanese.
    her design always has a lot of excess fleshes like her body. that type of design is not fit with confined robotic Tokyo scenery.
    so her design should be aborted even if j-side must pay penalty money for contract bleach.

  5. Take-chan wrote;
    … her design is a bit too big and not harmonized with the surrounding scenery…

    Yep, that’s the main problem:

    All that is needed is a minor addition to the existing stadium to include more elevators, toilets and better concessions. The actual number of seats of the new proposed station and the old stadium are about the same.

    *Just follow the strategy of 1984 LA Olympics that
    simply upgraded the old 1933 Olympic stadium
    at a minimal cost.
  6. sidebar-quote long
    Architectural arrogance and sour grapes aside, the general mood of today seems to be far more willing to endorse something more modest and subtle than this sort of flailing whale of a stadium.

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