Coming of Age Day 2015, Japan

Today is the national holiday, Seijin-no-hi, Japan’s Coming-of-Age Day (Wiki) when anyone turning 20 years old in the year celebrates by dressing up in fancy kimono and attending boring Age of Majority ceremonies.
The newly minted adults below have decided to label their VIP car windshield “ADULT” ( 成人) misspelled.

coming-of-age-1kami~i 成人式でゴミがおった — かーみぃ (@CARMMY00) January 11, 2015japanese adult misspelled oops

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6 thoughts on “Coming of Age Day 2015, Japan”

  1. Real adults in Kitakyushu…


    Freakin’ in hakuma at a Coming-of-Age ceremony in Kitakyushu.

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