Japan’s Miss Universe 2015

Miss Japan Kurara Chibana in ninja

Who can forget Miss Universe in ninja high heels (3Yen / 2006-07-19)? Miss Japan, Kurara Chibana, won the national costume competition in her ninja bikini back in 2006.

This year’s Miss Japan, Keiko Tsuji, wore striking Ashigaru armor (Wiki) as her “national costume” in the preliminaries of the MISS UNIVERSE competition this Sunday (Jan. 25).


As posted here before in Miss Greater Co-Prosperity Universe (3Yen | 9/2/2011) is once again going for the kinky samurai look that has served Japan so well in previous years (3Yen / 2006-07-19)/

miss Japan maria kamiyama

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11 thoughts on “Japan’s Miss Universe 2015”

  1. too scared to look for the french one…
    a pen ? the skin of a dead journalist ? camembert bukake?

  2. Miss France? She has a beret and black corset, mais bien sûr.
    Click to view video.

    That corset makes her torso look really long. Or maybe that dress is hiding the rest of the human centipede.

  3. Miss Frankreich is not as disastrous as expected compared to the rest of the trainwreck…

    1:10, you can see the poontang of Miss Lithuania… I SWEARZ…
    poontang of Miss Lithuaniapoontang of Miss Lithuania-1

  4. Well I was on a no fap diet for about five days but then I began starving when I say the bikini babes. And THEN I saw Miss Lithuania and FINISHED DESU!!! (*^_^*)

  5. 462217292

    Miss Colombia is 2015 Miss Universe
    mb.com.ph / 2015Jan26
    Miss Colombia Paulina Vega bagged the Miss Universe crown…
    …Miss USA Nia Sanchez was the first runner-up. She was followed by Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha. Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen landed on third. Fourth runner-up was Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell.
    (Miss Japan didn’t make the final 15 semifinalists.)

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