Japan’s newest Bullet Train doesn’t need tracks or maglev

Japan’s newest Bullet Train at the “Banpaku Testudou” doesn’t need expensive tracks, hyper-expensive maglev guideway, or even a right-of-way!


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3 thoughts on “Japan’s newest Bullet Train doesn’t need tracks or maglev”

  1. That’s all cute and cool and , of course, useless just like the maglev train which has been a long bubble-era born money burning pit. And, who’s paying for all of these useless projects and gadgets? The proletariat tax payer. And this is just like all of the robots. Yes, that’s right all of the endless 24/7 robot development is being subsidized by the gubermint’s tax collection from the proletariat. And, of course, the gubermint and the corporations are then turning around and replacing the proletariat with the robots!!! God I LOVE capitalism!!!

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