Japan, always at the forefront of innovation…


Always at the forefront of innovation, the beat-off brainiacs at Tenga are now offering the:
quoter leftNew Tenga “Vacuum Controller” fleshlight features converter for international sizes.quoter right

New Tenga "Vacuum Controller" fleshlight features converter for international sizes. tenga-tokyoscumhttps://t.co/8ZKanYb7eo pic.twitter.com/e9oQt9urpo— Ceiling Gallery (@tokyoscum) March 20, 2015

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6 thoughts on “Japan, always at the forefront of innovation…”

  1. I really need this in order to finish my Tenga collection. イヒヒヒ(*´∀`)

  2. I would say something significant butt… After a good session of being a complete putz they then go bat off to some Pixelated genitals and Fuck our tengas.

  3. 2022: The entire world has gone absolutely crazy about the Japanese sex robots. They are so real and so human-like and they are everywhere. People from all over the globe can now order them from Amazon for $500.00 and have them within days. They even have interchangeable heads, arms, legs, torsos and they are multilingual. They can also be programmed to cook, clean and do manual labor with just a few clicks on their remote controls. Some of the advanced models can even drive cars. The “rice bunnies”, as they are affectionately called, are funny and even tell culturally based jokes in whatever language they are set for. Japan’s economy is skyrocketing and, finally, after so many centuries of insane and costly wars, world peace has been permanently established.

    This has freed up government’s budgets all over the globe and the global economy has risen to a level never seen before. Government debts have been wiped out and all national and local budgets are now used for much-needed social programs and thus poverty, homelessness, and world hunger have been eradicated. In many cases, the “rice bunnies”, have alleviated mental illnesses for millions of people all over the globe and there are no more “forever alones”. After several upgrades, the robots can actually do office work for many people and now most people don’t have to work anymore as their robots can do it all for them. All that is required is to maintain the remote controlled interface and command the robot on what to do. If the remote human commands are incorrect, the robots’ auto correction programs take over and, therefore, they never make any mistakes. Ever. Life has become very easy. The “rice bunnies” love humans, humans love the bunnies, everyone is happy and everybody loves everybody.

    Indeed, Japan saved the world. Life is a utopia for every man, woman and child all over the globe. The world is perfect, the robots are perfect and life itself has become absolutely perfect. Prime Minster Shinzo Abe is scheduled to be sworn in as the President of the United States on January 14, 2024.


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