Kicking butt on the Tokyo Metro


Last year the Tokyo Metro’s manners mascot, “Miteru chan(lit. Miss Watching), was only looking for infractions of decorum on the trains.

This year she’s kicking butt on bad Metro manners.

tokyo metro manners

The Metro’s manners mascot, Miteru chan, had previous concerns including:

  • Getting hammered on the Metro (3Yen 2015-03-03)
  • No farting on the Metro (3Yen 2015-02-06)
  • Don’t play with your nuts on the Metro (3Yen 2014-11-15)


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5 thoughts on “Kicking butt on the Tokyo Metro”

  1. OK I see what is going on here. While you’re dressed up like a sheep, and on the train with hundreds of your best friends, you should ignore anyone who is dressed up like a cowgirl and swinging a rope! Mmmkay! :D

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