4 thoughts on “Happy Easter from Tokyo Lucky Hole”

  1. Piyo-Piyo
    software for texting and calling has a popular “Piyomi” chick as a sticker (icon) character set used in Japanese texting.
    The Piyomi cakes in the store sure look like Easter decorations to me.
    Piyo Piyo


    Cozy Corner has a two-staged rollout for its new lineup, with the first batch of Disney sweets making their debut on March 4. Starting off with the biggest of the bunch, here’s the 2,160-yen (US $18.30) Easter Pooh, with a honey-infused whip cream outer layer covering more cream with flakes of chocolate and crunchy caramel candies mixed in.

    via Disney characters cosplay as adorable edible Easter bunnies for cake maker Cozy Corner | RocketNews24.

  2. Jeebus gurl is kyooot… Furst dib…


    1970 !?

    Taro, you ‘effing nekrophyle…

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