‘Hello, I want to suck your soul.’

Hokazono-Masayleft_quoter_14x24Hello, I’m Aiko Chihara and I want to suck your soul.right_quoter_13x24

Robotic Customer Service? In This Japanese Store, That’s the Point
Wall Street Journal / JRT blog / April 16, 2015
Toshiba Corp. will debut its humanoid robot at the information desk of an upscale department store in Tokyoto provide audio guidance to customersThe robot’s appearance wasn’t modeled on any specific person but was designed to give a friendly impression at the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi, on Monday and Tuesday…more..

Previous reports of robot working girls on the 3Yen include:


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4 thoughts on “‘Hello, I want to suck your soul.’”

  1. But why? And why is Toshiba wasting money on this? Are they so flush with world beating products and cash that their engineers and designers have nothing better to do? If you are going to build robots at least build robots that can do something better, faster or at least more cheaply than a human. So you have created a very poor imitation of a human doing human things – what use is that to anyone?

  2. Looking at the hands, I suspect it’s rather a ladyboy :)

    Another show of Japan’s blatant lack of innovativeness, methinx. There would be so many great and wonderful possibilities for using bots, if only some creative minds were at the helm of things instead of teeth-sucking seat-farters. Sad.

    Ms-Chihira(photo credit: WSJ)

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