Chocolate Snatch™ —perfect for the Japanese market

So which is funnier, the name or the product?


koalasmarch-x2 According to the above tweet, Chocolate Snatch™ is an Australian-themed koala souvenir sold in China for the Japanese market that is made to copy the Japanese product Koala’s March (see right) by Lotte Co., basically a South Korean Company.
Go figure.

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5 thoughts on “Chocolate Snatch™ —perfect for the Japanese market”

  1. Chinese snack shysters rip off Koala’s March cookies, complete with gibberish Japanese
    RocketNews24 2015/04/25
    The “Japanese” writing [on the Chocolate Snatch™ package] doesn’t actually make any sense. The part in red reads “Jisuketto” (Jiscuit) in a weird mix of hiragana and katakana. And we’re being nice interpreting it as “Jiscuit” since the katakana part is doubly wrong and instead of the “-ketto” that should be there, it actually reads “ketsuto”. You see, a small ッ represents a pause a fraction of a second long and is not pronounced, whereas a full-size ツ is simply read “tsu”, so basically, in trying to write “bisuketto” (biscuit) in Japanese, they came up with “jisuketsuto”.
    Now, let’s just ignore the Engrish part that says “Chocolate Snach”, and focus on the Japanese writing underneath the “Jiscuit” part. It reads “Kodomo no rakuen ni seppun suru” which means “Kiss in the children’s paradise.” Err…

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