May Day METRO-Musical farting on Tokyo trains

Your farts are not music.″

not-musical-farts_640x Tokyo Metro website

Today is the first, May Day, and the Tokyo Metro has a new train manners poster up for the month—This time its chastising folks for farting on the train. (Actually, this poster is just reminding passengers not play their earphones too loud.)

tokyo metro manners

The Tokyo Metro’s posters have covered other bad train manners including:
  • Kicking butt on the Tokyo Metro (3Yen 2015-04-01)
  • Getting hammered on the Metro (3Yen 2015-03-03)
  • No farting on the Metro (3Yen 2015-02-06)
  • Don’t play with your nuts on the Metro (3Yen 2014-11-15)


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4 thoughts on “May Day METRO-Musical farting on Tokyo trains”

  1. Beg to differ…

    (You knew it was coming)

    ♬ Let it goooooo… ♪

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