Stepmother of Hello Kitty

The fashion brand “Stella McCartney” had an opening party on May 20th for their new store in Aoyama (north Harajuku Tokyo). For that opening they managed to scare up the current designer/stepmother of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi (Wiki).

As we always say on the 3Yen, left_quoter_14x24You Can Never Have Enough HELLO KITTY.right_quoter_13x24 Right?



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7 thoughts on “Stepmother of Hello Kitty”

  1. Taro wrote:
    I was going to post a naked photo of Hello Kitty’s stepmother, Yuko Yamaguchi, but…

    Just when I thought I couldn’t throw up anymore…

  2. She is now working on a strategy to make Hello Kitty as attractive to boys around the world as it is to girls.

    I guess she has to give Kitty some boobs then…

  3. Well, somebody has to write it so here goes: KAWAII!!!

    Seriously, to her credit, Ms. Yamaguchi is, indeed, a major designer in Japan. She is also the producer of the popular character line Jewelpet.

    And, of course, Stella McCartney is the daughter of The Beatles front man Paul McCartney. It’s good to see that the Japanese jack-boot police have completely forgiven him for that weed thingy back in the day.

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